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White Beach Glass Recycled Hexagon Mosaic Tile

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White Beach Glass Recycled Hexagon Mosaic Tile


Introducing our newly added recycled hexagon glass mosaic tiles! These tiles are made from recycled glass. The edges are dull and uneven giving it an unpolished look which is part of it's charm!

Colors include a variety of shades of white. This tile puts us in mind of glass that has been dulled down as it gets washed up on a beach! 

Please note, these tiles are not back painted which means they are slightly translucent. They should be installed with a white thinset. This will minimise the mesh showing through the tile. 

  **Discontinued** Inventory will not be replenished once remaining stock is sold out.

Full Sheets: $21.99/Sq Ft
4" x 6" Samples: $6.49 Each
Dimensions: 1 7/8" x 1 7/8" Hexagons on a 12" x 12" mesh backing
Weight: 2.7 lbs/Sq Ft
Free Shipping: Samples and orders of 10 sq ft or more


Quick tips for Glass Mosaic Tile Installation

Please note, these are general guide lines and tips for installing glass mosaic tiles. They are not meant to replace the expertise of a tile setter. Hiring a professional tile contractor is recommended for proper tile installation.

Recommended Application: Residential, Light Commercial, Medium Commercial, Bath/Shower, Fireplace, Indoor, Wall

Grout: A non-sanded grout is recommended to avoid scratching/damaging your glass tile. Grout sealer should be applied after the grout has fully cured to keep grout lines looking clean and fresh over time.

Trowel: Please use a 3/16” or 1/8” v notch trowel.

Adhesive: Please use a white adhesive that is recommended for glass tiles and mosaics. The bag or bucket of adhesive will state weather it can be used with glass tiles.

Cutting Glass Tile: To cut your tile, please use a tile wet saw with a glass cutting diamond blade. Please note, any other type of tile blade may cause chipping along the edge. You may also use a carbide cutter to make straight cuts. However, L shaped cuts can only be made with a wet saw.

Wet Areas: You may require use of a waterproof membrane when your tile is being installed in wet areas such as a tub surround or shower. We recommend using redgard. .

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